24th May 2022
Martin Wilson


On Saturday the 21st of May 2022 the Annual Meeting of the District Grand Council of the East Midlands was held at Freemasons’ Hall, The Griggs Centre, Sheaf Close Northampton.

Also attending the meeting was The Right Illustrious Deputy Grand Master, His Hon. Ian Douglas Gavin Alexander, QC.

We all met up in the bar for coffee and a chat before getting ready for the meeting.

The meeting was very well supported by other Districts with 11 District Grand Masters attending, along with their Companions, plus four Heads of Other Orders.

The meeting was called to order by the District Grand Director of Ceremonies, Ill.Comp. Alan Black, and the District Grand Master entered in procession.

The meeting was opened by the District Grand Master and The Right Illustrious Deputy Grand Master, His Hon. Ian Douglas Gavin Alexander, QC., escorted by Ill.Comp. Andrew Jennings, Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies, entered and was warmly welcomed by the District Grand Master.

The Deputy Grand Master addressed District Grand Council saying how good it was to be in Northampton again.  He congratulated those who had received Grand Rank at the Grand Council meeting in April.

After the regular business of District Grand Council had been concluded, the District Grand Master had much pleasure in re-appointing as Deputy District Grand Master, Ill.Comp. Ian Knox and re-appointing as District Grand Principal Conductor of the Work Ill.Comp. Norman Pope.  There were 31 appointments and promotions in District Grand Rank.

After the District Grand Master had invested his Officers the District Grand Master had much pleasure in presenting 13 Silver Trowel Certificates to Companions of the District.

The District Grand Master then addressed District Grand Council.  He gave a warm welcome to all attending today and said how pleased he was to see so many Companions present.  He thanked everyone for attending and supporting the District Grand Council of the East Midlands, especially the Deputy Grand Master.  He congratulated those he had appointed and invested today saying he was looking forward to the future.  He thanked the District Grand Recorder and the District Grand Director of Ceremonies and their teams for all they had done to make the meeting such a success.  The Deputy Grand Master then retired from District Grand Council.  District Grand Council was closed and the District Grand Master, attended by the Deputy District Grand Master, the District Grand Principal Conductor of the Work, and distinguished guests, retired in procession.

Afterwards R.Ill.Comp. Martin Wilson and his team returned for a photograph.

……and then joined us for a Surrey/Sussex group photo.

……before we retired for pre-lunch drinks.

It was a very convivial lunch with good food and good company.

After the meal the District Grand Master proposed the Toast to the Deputy Grand Master.  The Deputy Grand Master thanked the District Grand Master and the Companions for their kind hospitality and wished the District well for the future.

The Deputy Grand Master and the District Grand Master then retired from the festive board.

Article and photographs by Chris Eley (Surrey)

20th April 2022
Martin Wilson

2022 Annual Meeting of Grand Council

On Tuesday 19 April 2022 the Annual meeting of the Grand Council of Royal & Select Masters was held in the Grand Temple at Freemasons’ Hall London.  Companions of the East Midlands District to receive preferment were:

To the active rank of Grand Standard Bearer – Ill Comp Jeff Chambers – Peterborough Council

To the active rank of Grand Manciple – Ill Comp Mark Constant – Peterborough Council

Promoted to the rank of  Past Grand Lecturer – Ill Comp Anthony Morris – Leicester Council

Promoted to the rank of Past Grand Conductor of the Council – Ill Comp Chris Beck – Northampton Council, Ill Comp Owen Davison – Corby Council, Ill Comp Colin Hughes – Olney Council, Ill Comp Barry Sayers – Nine Arches Council

Appointed to the rank of Past Grand Sword Bearer – Ill Comp Simon Harker – Northampton Council

Appointed to the rank of Past Grand Standard Bearer – Ill Comp Ivan Scott – Carillon Council

Pictured with the District Grand Master are Ill Comp Jeff Chambers and Ill Comp Mark Constant the two ‘active’ Officers from the District



18th November 2021
Martin Wilson

Royal & Select Masters, welcomes Provincial Grand Secretary to the Order

On Wednesday evening 17 November, Charles Herbert Perram Council, East Midlands District, welcomed the Provincial Grand Secretary of Bedfordshire, Clive Walsh, as their newest member.  Due to the unavoidable absence of the Thrice Illustrious Master, Very Illustrious Companion Russell Howard, the chair was taken by the District Grand Master, Right Illustrious Companion Martin Wilson, who conducted the ceremony of the Select Master with Illustrious Companion Nick Edwards explaining the signs and words and then Companions Oneal Thomas, Stuart French and Rob Venn explaining the History.


Companion Clive then took the Royal Master degree at which Illustrious Companion Kyle Whitbread took the chair as well as explaining the signs.  The History of the degree was presented by Companions Robert Curson, Tony Green, Steve Joyce and Allen Worrall.

10th September 2021
Martin Wilson

Cryptic Masonry restarts in the East Midlands

On Friday 3 September, Carillon Council No 267, met at Loughborough Masonic centre for its Installation meeting.

This was the first Council in the East Midlands District to hold a physical meeting since the lifting of the suspension.

There were 28 Companions present including the District Grand Master, Rt. Ill. Comp Martin Wilson.

Ill Comp Brien Emerton installed Comp Philip Marshall, Provincial Grand Master of the Craft for Nottinghamshire, into the chair, a ceremony that should have taken place in September 2020 but unfortunately delayed due to the Pandemic.

The Companions assembled after the meeting to have a photograph taken and by the looks on there faces they were all very pleased to be back at a physical meeting.

After the ceremony the District Grand Master congratulated the newly Installed Thrice Illustrious Master on reaching the chair of the Council. (Click on link below)

The new TIM is a very keen supporter of the Progressive Orders being a member of not only the Mark, RAM and Royal & Select Masters but also being a member of the AMD, KT and Malta degrees.

24th March 2019
Martin Wilson


On Friday 22 March the Grand Master Most Illustrious Companion Kessick John Jones attended the meeting of the Old Kimboltonians’ Lodge No 7204 at Kimbolton School in order to present a 50 year certificate to Right Illustrious Companion Alan Stewart.

Right Illustrious Companion Alan lives on the Isle of Man and only comes over to the mainland on odd occasions so it was proving to be difficult to present him with his certificate at a Council meeting within the District.  Right Illustrious Companion Alan is a member of Charles Hebert Perram and Northampton Councils as well as being an Honorary member of Towcester and Leicester Councils.

Finding that Right Illustrious Companion Alan would be on the mainland when the March meeting of the Old Kimboltonians’ Lodge was to be held and the District Grand Master coincidently being the Worshipful Master of the Lodge it was an ideal occasion to make the presentation.  Permission was obtained from the Craft Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother Max Bayes that the presentation could be made.  The main work of the evening, a passing, having been undertaken and the Worshipful Master called off the Lodge and then announced why the Grand Master was present and invited him to take the floor and make the presentation.

After saying a few words about Right Illustrious Companion Alan’s journey in Cryptic Masonry the Grand Master invited the District Grand Master to join him and read out the certificate.  Following the presentation of the certificate Right Illustrious Companion Alan Stewart admitted he was lost for words.

A very happy festive board followed the meeting with the Worshipful Master taking wine with Cryptic Masons present which to his surprise was almost half the room.


Pictured left to right are Most Illustrious Companion Kessick J Jones, Grand Master, Illustrious Companion Alan Stewart and Right Illustrious Companion Martin Wilson, District Grand Master and Worshipful Master.


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