District Grand Officers 2019 -20


DISTRICT GRAND MASTERRight Illustrious Companion Martin Wilson # *
DEPUTY DISTRICT GRAND MASTERIllustrious Companion Ian Wallace Knox PGCondC # *
DISTRICT GRAND PRINCIPAL CONDUCTOR of the WORKIllustrious Companion Norman Pope PGSwdB # *
DISTRICT GRAND RECORDERIllustrious Companion Ian Johnson
Ill. Comp. Barrie Hall PGCondC #*District Grand Chaplain
Ill. Comp. Peter Dawson PGCondC # *District Grand Treasurer
Ill Comp Alan Black #District Grand Director of Ceremonies
Ill Comp Balbir Lotay #District Grand Lecturer
Ill. Comp. Robert Greenlees PAGDC #Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies
Ill Comp Nick Edwards #District Grand Captain of the Guard
Ill Comp Simon Harker #District Grand Conductor of the Council
Ill Comp Tony ElseyAssistant District Grand Director of Ceremonies
Ill Comp David Crocker #District Grand Sword Bearer
Ill Comp Colin Allanson #District Grand Standard Bearer
Comp Peter Gibson – LeitchAssistant District Grand Recorder
Ill Comp John Hitchin #*District Grand Organist
Ill Comp Pat McClone #District Grand Steward
Ill Comp Chris MullenDistrict Grand Manciple
Ill Comp Richard Sinclair #District Grand Manciple
Ill Comp Stephen Davison #District Grand Manciple
Comp Mike WalshDistrict Grand Manciple
Ill Comp John Haddon #District Grand Sentinel


# denotes recipient of the Order of the Silver Trowel

* denotes recipient of the Excellent Master Degree


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