Councils in the District

Charles Herbert Perram Council No 66

Dunstable Masonic Centre
Cemetery Lane, off Meadway, Dunstable LU6 3JT

4th Wednesday January, June (Installation) & 3rd Wednesday November



Northampton Council No 99

Northampton Masonic Hall
Sheaf Close, Northampton NN5 7UL

 2nd Tuesday February, 3rd Monday May (Installation) & 2nd Monday September



Huntingdon Council No 130

Priory House
5 Sovereign Court, Lancaster Way, Huntingdon PE29 6XU

2nd Thursday March (Installation), 4th Friday May & last weekday September



Towcester Council No 131

Towcester Masonic Hall
3 Northampton Road, Towcester NN12 6LD

2nd Thursday February, 1st Thursday May (Installation) & 2nd Thursday November



Leicester Council No 146

Freemasons’ Hall
London Road, Leicester LE2 0RA

2nd Friday May, 2nd Monday June & September (Installation)



Olney Council No 178

North Crawley Village Institute
High Street, North Crawley MK16 9LH

1st Friday October (Installation), 4th Thursday April & 2nd Thursday June



Corby Council No 195

Corby Masonic Hall
Rockingham Road, Corby NN17 1AD

2nd Friday April, 2nd Monday June & 4th Friday November (Installation)



Lutterworth Council No 234

Freemasons’ Hall
George Street, Lutterworth LE17 4ED

1st weekday of fifth week April, 1st Tuesday June & 2nd Tuesday September



Peterborough Council No 243

Peterborough Masonic Centre
127 Ellindon, Peterborough PE3 8RD

3rd Wednesday February (Installation), April & October



Carillon Council No 267

Loughborough Masonic Hall
Ashby Square, Loughborough LE11 5AA

1st Wednesday February, 1st Friday March & November (Installation)



Nine Arches Council No 302 (A Past Masters Council)

Corby Masonic Hall
Rockingham Road, Corby NN17 1AD

2nd Wednesday April & October (Installation)



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