November 27, 2019 Martin Wilson

Friday 22 November saw the Installation meeting of Corby Council but not before they had received the District GPCW, the Travelling Trowel brought by the DGM from Charles Herbert Perram Council plus the Deputy DGM arriving at the meeting and choosing a new Companion for the Order.

The meeting commenced and following the opening the District Grand Principal Conductor of the Work, Illustrious Companion Norman Pope, was welcomed into the Council escorted by the Assistant District Grand Director of Ceremonies, Illustrious Companion Tony Elsey.  Following his salutation, there was a report on the door of the Council and a delegation from the Charles Herbert Perram Council bearing the Travelling Trowel seeked admission.  The Travelling Trowel had only been in the charge of the Charles Herbert Perram Council for two days but they were happy to pass it on to Corby Council who would retain it until February and then see it passed on to another Council.  The delegation from Charles Herbert Perram Council included the District Grand Master Right Illustrious Companion Martin Wilson.  The Deputy District Grand Master, Illustrious Companion Ian Knox then arrived at the meeting having been held up by a traffic accident near to tehcentre which had totally blocked the Raod causing long delays.  Ian Lapsley was then chosen as a Select Master following which Illustrious Companion Owen Davison was installed into the chair by Illustrious Companion David Sutton.


This was a really memorable and happy meeting with the fact that the three members of the District Executive were all at the meeting but for different reasons, – a rare occurrence.

Pictured were all of those attending the meeting.